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Small Town Brewery…Lacrosse, WI

Small town Brewery - Lacrosse WI

At Small Town Brewery, they’re pretty much the masters of crafting gruit-inspired beers.  Today, their brewmasters use a proprietary technique to infuse herbs and spices into the brewing process. This is what makes it possible for them to brew these classic American and bakery-inspired flavors.

Not Your Father's Root Beer...Tastes just like the root beer you remember as a kid. Sweet and silky, it goes down smooth and hits your tongue with the perfect combination of vanilla, sarsaparilla and anise.

Not Your Father's Mountain Ale...If you want citrus, this is your beer. A big ol’ wallop of crisp citrus notes invades your mouth on the first sip. A smooth finish means you can knock back a few of these by yourself – or split a sixer with friends. You don’t even have to be on a mountain.

Not Your Mom's Iced Tea...There are some days that are just made for iced tea. And then there are days when you need a little something harder. Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea, is a thirst- and stress-quenching twist on the classic drink people everywhere turn to for good ol’ fashioned refreshment.

Not Your Father's Vanilla Cream Ale...What you might not know is that Madagascar produces the best vanilla in the world. And we use a healthy dose of it (literally tons) to make Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale, a classic American favorite that comes through with a vanilla flavor that’s anything but ordinary.

Not Your Father's Ginger Ale...There’s a reason Gingers are known for their feistiness. In this brew, the distinct, spicy taste of ginger is balanced by a sweet, mellow undercurrent. A gutsy, citrus-driven note hits the front of the tongue, while just the right touch of floral and fruit notes give the ale a full-bodied finish. This is definitely an ale with attitude.

Not Your Mom's Apple Pie...The color of a crisp, ripe, golden apple, this craft brew hits you with notes of applesauce, light cinnamon, cloves and biscuit. On the second sip, you’ll swear you can taste the crust.

Not Your Mom's Strawberry Rhubarb...Sometimes rhubarb gets a bad rap. It’s a vegetable that masquerades as a fruit and almost always gets paired up with its much more celebrated friend, strawberry. Well, rhubarb finally gets half the stage with Not Your Mom’s Strawberry Rhubarb, a flavored craft brew that reminds of you the fresh pies Mom used to take out of a box she got at the local bakery.



Toogood Estate Winery, Somerset, CA

Toogood Estate Winery - Somerset CA

The first crush of the Toogood Estate Winery was the 2002 vintage. The wine was first bottled in January of 2003 and sales and acceptance have been remarkable.The vineyards currently have 12 acres planted with varieties including Zinfandel, Primitivo, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petite Sirah. The 2002 vintage wines available are Sangiovese, Primitivo, Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Walker Vineyard Zinfandel, Claret and my signature wine, Foreplay, which is a wonderful and provocative red wine...



Rush Creek Distilling, Harvard, IL, USA

Rush Creek Distilling - Harvard IL


Everything that made Harvard the dairy capital makes it the craft distilling capital. Drop by drop, batch by small batch, we create authentic craft spirits. And a nowhere-else-like-it visitor experience. We’re not in it to make it rich. We’re in it to make it right. Savor the adventurous spirit.


Four locals were having a few at the local tavern. They’d been talking new venture. Something unexpected. Something seriously fun. It would be a distillery. Dedicated to craftsmanship, and genuine craft distilling. An asset to the community. The decision was made. The partners were all in. Make it right or don’t make it at all. They knew Rush Creek Distilling could raise the bar.


This is the essence of the harvest in a glass. A rare, genuine American whiskey, hand-bottled by us and expertly crafted to yield a rich, smooth taste. Belongs on the top shelf.


Overlooked. Forgotten. Stashed away for private pleasure. Nobody knows for sure. Our find is your treasure. A superb small-batch release, barrel-aged & left alone. Satisfy your thirst for getting lost and finding yourself.


Real craft. There’s nothing else like it out there. An impeccably slow-crafted spirit that takes you places. Welcome to an uncommon full-bodied experience created with pure deep-spring water, select local grains, and uncompromising craftsmanship. A true craft spirit. Indulge your passion for the unexpected.


Our artisan, American Heartland-style gin is an inspired distillation of botanicals. Crystal clear and smooth, with fresh, bright accents.


19th HOLES

The Ryder Cup BaR - Kiawah Island Resort, Kiawah Island, SC

The Ryder Cup Bar - Kiawah Island Resort

"A Modern Clubhouse Bar" at The Ocean Course Clubhouse - Enjoy course-side, a la carte breakfast offerings (seasonally), a casual lunch with family or a post round sunset celebration with friends on the veranda at Kiawah’s beautifully stunning Oceanside bar. Whether inside or outside on the bar’s open porch you’ll be taking in ocean breezes and spectacular seaside beach views. Watch golfers finish their final hole at one of golf’s greatest challenges, The Ocean Course. A variety of unique bar menu favorites, including the bar’s famous "Bagger Burger", signature Crispy Shrimp, the freshest oysters and your choice of creative sandwiches and salads. Be sure to try a spirit from the Ryder Cup Bar’s drink menu.



Bellingham Beer and Music

Bellingham Beer and Music Festival Whatcom County

The Bellingham Beer and Music Festival is an outdoor summer event featuring local breweries, live music, food, and more! A quick drive or ride from town, the event takes place at the North Bellingham Golf Course, a beautiful destination to enjoy some great beer and fantastic music. All net proceeds from the festival are distributed to our beneficiary organizations focused on human and social service in Whatcom County.


Northwest Bellingham Wine

Bellingham Beer and Music Festival Whatcom County

The Northwest Bellingham Wine Festival is a public wine tasting event and a judged wine competition. Wines are judged ahead of time and the medal winners are announced at the festival. Whether you’re a serious wineophile or have only limited experience with wines, the Festival is a great opportunity to meet winemakers, have a nosh or two, and sample an amazing selection of Pacific Northwest wines! Net proceeds from the event go to the Whatcom Beer and Wine Foundation for distribution to a number of Whatcom County non-profit organizations.


Music Tastes Good

Music Tastes Good Festival

When throwing a festival that's a love letter to your city, an homage to your best friend, an eclectic food celebration, and striving to bring joy to a crowd of like-minded strangers, well, the stakes are high. Trust the obvious: unforgettable live performances. The best chefs you can dream of. The city you know and love. Happy places. Good friends. Fun. Dive deeper: The lyric you can't stop singing. The magic you discover in a bite. The tears of joy that run down your face when you hear that same song for the seventh time in a row. The meal you can't stop describing to your friends. The smile you can't wipe off your face. Put all of this together in a shoreline setting, add a sea of people who are feeling that same incredible feeling, and don't worry about wiping that smile (or frosting) off your face. This is Music Tastes Good, the festival that celebrates that cerebral and visceral connection of taste and creativity.


Arizona Taco Festival

Music Tastes Good Festival

The Arizona Taco Festival was the first Taco Festival in the world nine years ago, and now there’s over 100 around the world! Come see the original, which takes place over two football fields and dishes out over 100,000 $2 tacos over 30,000 hungry taco fanatics. The festival features live Lucha Libre wrestling, margarita bars, eating contests, and plenty of other entertainment. Tickets start at just $12.

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National Taco Championships

National Taco Championships

National Taco Championships is the first and only taco competition of it’s kind. Sanctioned by The Taco Society, NTC is a regional competition held to uncover the best tacos in the country. Pro Taco Teams compete head to head to qualify for the big $100,000 showdown in Las Vegas in 2019. Join the mission and taste the best tacos in your region. Coming to a city near you. Visit for calendar and ticket updates.

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Brewvino Steer Roast

National Taco Championships

Steer Roast • Special Wine and Beer Release • Quality Music.

You’ll have the chance to taste the most popular varieties of von Stiehl wines and Ahnapee brews during the event and enjoy the opportunity to buy an exclusive batch each of wine and beer produced just for the event.


Wet Whistle Wine Fest

National Taco Championships

Wet Whistle Wine Fest offers award-winning wines, a grape stomp, hearty sandwiches, & live music! It isn’t the 2,000 visitors smiling all the time that’s weird. Nor is it the trombonist standing in a grape-filled barrel while playing an amazing riff, nor the people with sticky purple feet dancing onstage. This is normal at a wine fest and to be expected. What’s odd at Wet Whistle Wine Fest are all the costumes. We don’t ask anyone to show up dressed as wine bottles, or happy nuns who love Naughty Girl wine. These are just a couple examples of Wet Whistle Wine Fest goings-on that we just couldn’t make up. Don’t take our word for it… come to the wine fest and see it for yourself!

This Wet Whistle Wine Fest is a fundraiser for the Community Improvement of Algoma, and the Algoma Fire and Rescue. Come out to support these great non-profit organizations of Algoma!


Universal Whisky Experience - Nth 2019 Festival

National Taco Championships

The Universal Whisky Experience presents to you the Nth Show 2019, the world’s premier luxury whisky and spirits experience. Hosted at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, this master event showcases the best brands of both whiskies and spirits from all over the world. In the Nth Show 2019, we will be expanding our collection of unique whiskies to also include a collection of fine premium, ultra-premium and super-premium spirits.

With a new spacious main tasting venue at the Wynn Hotel and new event design, you will find an experience to deliciously overwhelm your tasting senses. Indulge in exceptional whisky tasting opportunities, mingle with master distillers, blenders and mixologists and learn more about the whisky and spirits world in the most unique event of its kind.



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